Making New Friends in France

My time in France is off to a great start. I just made a new friend the other day, his name is Pablo. Pablo’s father owns the bakery in town not far from the B&B. He has lived here in town his whole life, except for a few years when he went to the UK to go to university and then came back to help his father with the bakery. He will probably inherit it soon, as his father is getting ready to retire.

I met him the other day when I went into his bakery to get a croissant. I’ve learned that croissants are one of my favorite things about France. They are absolutely delicious. The best croissants I have ever tasted in my life.

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New Adventures

I’ve just started working a┬ásummer job at a quaint little Bed & Breakfast in the North of France. I thought I would write about my adventures here in a blog about my time working at the B&B and just some other ramblings about my life.

I’ve always loved France, ever since I was a little kid. I was ready to go out on an adventure and explore Europe. I wanted to get away from everything back home in America and discover the rest of the world. Back home I worked a hard labor job for a tree service company named Arlington Tree Pros. I decided to quit that job and spend a year traveling Europe – I figure you’re only young once, so I shouldn’t miss out on this time of my life.

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